Summer is nearly here

25th May 2013

Now would be a good time to have your air conditioning system serviced for the approaching summer, there a few things more frustrating than a boiling hot office with everyone looking longingly at the A/C unit praying for it to dispense some cool air! . Aireserv Cornwall are currently offering a Summer service and Tune up for your A/C system for £75 INCLUDING VAT. ( price is for single split system) Ensuring that you have a efficient and functioning system for the summer months.

Total ban of R22 refrigerant

19th April 2013

R22 Total ban. The date is fast approaching for the Total ban of R22 refrigerant ( 01.01.15) this means that ANY system running on R22 will be effectively obsolete as there will be no R22 available. Given that an estimated 45%-60% of all air conditioning systems in the U.K. are currently charged with R22, our customers should note that 2015 will be a very good year for the air conditioning industry and demand will far outstrip supply, far better to get your systems looked at now than wait and get a far larger bill.

An inefficient refrigeration unit will consume upto 50% more electricity to maintain a temperature ( and not always the correct temperature) that isn't just a guess, that is the result of a study by the Carbon Trust. By having your Commercial Refrigeration equipment regularly serviced, you will not only reduce your electricity bill but your emergency repair bill will reduce significantly and the longevity of your expensive to replace equipment will increase also. Call Aireserv Cornwall to book your free no obligation refrigeration equipment survey.

Total ban of R22 refrigerant

02nd Feb 2013

Aireserv Cornwall is also pleased to announce that we are the warranty service provider for Rointe, the electric heating and hot water market leading manufacturer. Through our association with them and our supplier C.E.F we are able to offer an enhanced warranty of 10 years for body panels and 5 years for electrical parts, the usual being 10 and 2.